Anchorages on the IJsselmeer

This maps shows anchorages on the IJsselmeer in the Netherlands including descriptions, photo’s and sailor reviews.

Water depth: 2-3m
The harbour Oude Zeug is a refuge-/work harbour without facilities for cruisers. Yachts can moor at the quay or anchor on the south-side of the harbour. The water depth is not even through the harbour, check the latest charts and [...]
Water depth: <2m
A refuge harbour with good shelter. In the western part of it there is more greenery. *** Caution: due to shallow depth, this anchorage is only suitable for yachts with shallow draft.

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Word of caution: these anchorages are listed by sailors based on their experience. They are not officially designated by local authorities or governmental bodies. Therefore, always verify the locations with up-to-date sea charts and take into account and comply with local signs if any are displayed. 

How do you choose an anchorage?

While choosing a suitable anchoring location, take into account the following factors:

  • Protection
  • Weather
  • Seabed
  • Depth
  • Currents, tide
  • Your anchoring gear

That is why not all anchorages are equally good for a specific boat or situation. Always study the weather forecast for the whole period that you plan to stay at anchor. Choose preferably a not too deep place in a lee of a high shore to ensure good shelter. Is your anchor suitable for the type of seabed? Is the location tidal? (this will obviously mean currents and changes in water depth).

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