Best sailing films

There are times when sailors are not sailing, but are still missing the sea and the wind. For them – is our overview of the best sailing films about the Wind, the Sea and about charismatic, brave people standing eye to eye with Nature and challenges.


En solitaire1. En Solitaire (2013)

(English title: “Turning tide”. Originally – French)

Yann Kermadec is lucky to realize his dream when he is replacing the skipper of DCNS in the famous sailing race Vendée Globe just hours before the start.  After some days of sailing and leading the race Yann is forced to stop to perform repairs on his rudder. This is going to change the course of his race…

IMDBRating: 6.3

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Best sailing films - Abandoned2. Abandoned (2015)

This film is based on a true storey. In 1989 the trimaran Rose Noelle has departed from New Zealand with Tonga as destination. A huge rogue wave has capsized the trimaran with 4 people onboard. The film story goes about their 119 long days at sea and their will to survive.

IMDBRating: 6.2

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Best sailing films: All is lost3. All is lost (2013)

After a collision with a lost container at sea, an experienced sailor (played by Robert Redford) has to go all out to survive. Will he succeed ?..

IMDBRating: 6.9

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Best sailing films: White Squall4. White Squall (1996)

This is a thrilling story about a disasterous sailing trip of a group of teenagers who still need to learn discipline and fellowship…

IMDBRating: 6.6

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Best sailing films: Maidentrip5. Maidentrip (2013)

A story of a 14-year-old Dutch sailing girl Laura Dekker who goes for a solo sailing trip around the world.

IMDBRating: 7.6

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Best sailing films - Wind6. Wind (1992)

A movie about a breathtaking competition between American and Australian top-class sailing teams during the famous “America’s Cup” race.

IMDBRating: 6.4

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Best sailing films - Master and Commander7. Master and Commander (2003)

Brave, clever and creative is the British skipper Jack Aubrey (Russell Crowe) who with his crew haunts an infamous French frigate “Acheron” during Napoleonic wars. But the French crew and the ship are all but an easy prey…

IMDBRating: 7.4

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Best sailing films - Longitude8. Longitude (2000)

18th century. The one who knows exact time at sea – rules the seas. John Harrison sets a milestone in the history of navigation by inventing a marine chronometer.

IMDBRating: 7.9

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Best sailing films - Dead Calm9. Dead Calm (1989)

A couple is spending time together at sea after a tragedy they have experienced recently. Their sailing trip changes in a bloody thriller as in the middle of the sea they pick up a survivor from a ship having had an accident.

IMDBRating: 6.8

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