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Whether you’re entering a harbour of a picturesque town by the IJsselmeer by boat or if you’re paying a visit by car to a town in Zeeland – it’s always a great experience! The beauty and authenticity of harbour towns in the Netherlands are known in the whole world. We invite you to make discovery trips through the Dutch waters and a visit to the gems of the Dutch coast. Even if our descriptions are made from a perspective of a cruising sailor, we believe that everyone will find something interesting on our pages. We will help you make your visit to one of these magnificent harbour towns Netherlands well-prepared and unforgettable!

Below we give you an overview of the harbour towns on one single map with photos, tips and reviews by sailors.

Most beautiful Dutch harbour towns

We have prepared a selection of the most popular and attractive harbour towns Netherlands for you including some lovely pictures and practical information:

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“The gate to the Wadden Sea” – they call it often. You feel, hear and experience the Wadden Sea in Harlingen as in no other place. Harlingen is the most important harbor of Friesland, one of the eleven Frisian towns [...]
Because of its location, Lemmer plays role of the gate to Friesland. The town is situated on the Zijlroede river that meanders through the town center to the Princess Margriet channel. This channel is in turn connected to the [...]
Volendam is a cozy old fishers village, founded in the 15th century. Some people say it’s the gem of the Zuiderzee (Southern Sea). Popular destination for tourists, it has its special charme and it’s known in the whole world [...]
One of the most beautiful Dutch harbor towns on the IJsselmeer (IJssel lake) with its rich history and its glory time in the 17th century when the VOC chamber was established in Enkhuizen. Now – an important tourist center, [...]
An important trading town in the past, now Stavoren is a center for water sports with various harbours and a lock that connects the IJsselmeer with the Frisian Lakes. Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to [...]
Fish, fishers and fishery – this is about Urk. This town has had one of the biggest fishing fleet and the largest fish industry in the Netherlands. Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on [...]
Muiden is a small old town with rich history. It was founded with a defence function in mind. Later, the fortress has become a part of the famous Dutch military defence line Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie. Not to be missed: The Muiderslot castle A [...]

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