Harbor towns

One of the most beautiful Dutch harbor towns on the IJsselmeer (IJssel lake) with its rich history and its glory time in the 17th century when the VOC chamber was established in Enkhuizen. Now – an important tourist center, [...]
It’s the cultural and creative heart of the Netherlands – Amsterdam. The city is magnificent and beautiful, charming and mysterious. Many museums, elegant architecture and rich culture life make Amsterdam a gem of the Low Lands! Share this:Click to share [...]
If you’re going to sail on the IJsselmeer/Markermeer, you definitely need to see Hoorn at least once! It’s without a doubt – one of the most beautiful towns at the Markermeer and is certainly worth paying a visit. One [...]
“The capital of sailing sports in the Netherlands” – one could say about Medemblik and for a reason. With its different modern yacht harbours one of which is Regatta center, Medemblik is a well-known place for national and international [...]
Volendam is a cozy old fishers village, founded in the 15th century. Some people say it’s the gem of the Zuiderzee (Southern Sea). Popular destination for tourists, it has its special charme and it’s known in the whole world [...]
Because of its location, Lemmer plays role of the gate to Friesland. The town is situated on the Zijlroede river that meanders through the town center to the Princess Margriet channel. This channel is in turn connected to the [...]
“The gate to the Wadden Sea” – they call it often. You feel, hear and experience the Wadden Sea in Harlingen as in no other place. Harlingen is the most important harbor of Friesland, one of the eleven Frisian towns [...]