If you’re going to sail on the IJsselmeer/Markermeer, you definitely need to see Hoorn at least once! It’s without a doubt – one of the most beautiful towns at the Markermeer and is certainly worth paying a visit. One of the VOC-centers (Dutch East India Company), the town has developed significantly in the 16th and 17th centuries. Now, Hoorn is a picturesque town with many historical buildings, museums, harbors and traditional ships. The Cape Hoorn is named after this town after Dutch sailors have rounded the south-most point of the South America for the first time in history.

For an overnight stay there are few possibilities: Grashaven with a modern marina, the old harbor Binnenhaven in the center of the old town where one can moor on a busy town quay or on the side of a tranquil park. For a quiet night at anchor sailors can stay in the outside basin – Buitenhaven.

Not to be missed in Hoorn:

Map of Hoorn harbors

Map of Hoorn harbors
Map of Hoorn harbors for sailors: locations of marina, anchorage, visitors berths and more.

Live Webcam

See the live stream from a webcam on the Oostereiland, available via the link: Webcam Gevangenishotel Hoorn 


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