Because of its location, Lemmer plays role of the gate to Friesland. The town is situated on the Zijlroede river that meanders through the town center to the Princess Margriet channel. This channel is in turn connected to the beautiful region of Frisian Lakes.

Lemmer is an old, beautiful and a pretty busy town. Nowadays it’s one of the biggest centers for water sports on the IJsselmeer and it’s very popular with sailors. A wide beach very close to the town center hosts the Glemmer Beach Festival in summer. One of the landmarks in Lemmer is the old Woudagemaal – the biggest functioning (!) steam pumping station in the world. Even in our days when the water level on the Frisian lakes raises too high, the pump station gets turned on to pump some water out of the Frisian lakes. As of 1998, the Woudagemaal is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

A remarkable fact about Lemmer is that the town has given its name to one of the famous Dutch traditional flatbottom ships: Lemsteraak. These ships represent fusion of the timeless beautiful appearance, reliable sea-going and great sailing performance.

Our advice:

  • A cup of coffee or a glass of beer on one of many terraces along the Zijlroede in the town center.
  • Enjoy views on the Lemstersluis – the old Lemmer lock
  • Watching the Skûtsjesilen – a sailing competition for skûtsjes – another type of traditional Dutch flatbottom ships.
  • A visit to the Woudagemaal steam pumping station

Map of the Lemmer harbors

Map of the Lemmer harbors
A structured map of the Lemmer harbors


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