Self study for sailing

While it’s definitely best to train your practical sailing skills with an instructor, many people will be able and even prefer to do some self study for sailing theory.

There are quite some good books out there on the market that will teach you different aspects of sailing and boating in general. We will give some examples in English that are aligned with the RYA system. Most of the books cover the following topics:

  • Sailing terminology
  • Sailing manoeuvres
  • Manoeuvres under power
  • Safety
  • Rules and regulations
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Technique

The following list will cover for now only the Day skipper training level:

RYA Day skipper
RYA Day Skipper Handbook
Complete Day skipper
The Complete Day Skipper (Tom Cunliffe)
Day Skipper sail and power
Day Skipper for Sail and Power (Alison Noice)

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