Why sail?

Why sail - tall shipHave you always admired tall sailing ships and were fascinated by films about history and pirates? Do you love water, sun and wind in your hair and on your face? Does it also seem great to you to play with forces of nature and to tame them without the engine power? Have you ever wondered why so sailing is attractive to so many people and did you want to try sailing yourself, but you do not know where to start?

Then sailing is really something for you and you are here at the right address !

What makes sailing so great and versatile?

Why sail - yachtRelaxing:
You forget all your mundane daily worries while sailing and you come back fully re-charged after even a weekend under sails.

Furthermore, it’s one of the most beautiful and old ways to travel and discover the world.

Speed, pressure and competition – sailing sport has it all. Sailing is also an Olympic sport. Countless sailing races of different levels and for different yacht classes get organized around the world. Some famous ones among them are for example: Voiles de Saint Tropez, America’s Cup, Volvo Ocean race.

From the water you see the world totally different! You come to places that can not be reached otherwise!

Sailing is a perfect way to meet new people, make new friends.

Do you want to put yourself to the test? The overwhelming forces of nature make sea- and ocean sailing perfectly suitable for challenging your spirit, endurance and sailing skills.

Start sailing ? Read on!


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